Part 2: Light and shadow: mrp hotels analyses the current situation for tourism on the financial markets together with Monika Rosen-Philipp.

Videocast with Monika Rosen

In the second part of the Videocast series, Martin Schaffer, Partner at mrp hotels, and Monika Rosen-Philipp, Chief Analyst, UniCredit Bank Austria AG, talk about the development of the oil price and inflation.

Rising inflation does not yet have any negative effects on consumer behaviour at present

The topic of inflation, which was not an issue for many years, is now occupying people’s minds. In the wake of Corona, it is jumping up again. Although inflation is higher than in previous years, Monika Rosen-Philipp does not yet see any influence on consumer behaviour. Contrary to all forecasts, retail sales in the USA rose in September 2021.

According to Martin Schaffer, the situation is similar for flights. The number of domestic flights in the USA is currently almost back to the level of 2019. Consumers are therefore willing to spend money on tourism again.


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