Strategic Hotel Consulting

Experience and expertise don’t happen overnight. Our team has acquired and grown its passion for the hotel business over many years. We have the necessary insight, overview and vision to advise clients well strategically.

Management Agreement, Hotel Lease Agreement and Hotel Rental Agreement

Which type of contract suits me? How should risk and performance be distributed between owner and operator? If an operator cannot earn their lease, the property can also decrease in value. mrp hotels helps owners determine their economic base and requirements, helps them design the appropriate contract for their hotel property and negotiates with hotel operators on behalf of the owners.

Strategic Hotel Advice, Portfolio Advice

If you are planning the construction or further development of a hotel property, we are happy to come up with solutions tailored to your specific requirements. This could involve a location and market analysis, a strategic portfolio analysis, a repositioning, a pre-opening strategy or a roll-out strategy. We do this systematically and transparently. Following such steps, we examine whether an idea is feasible, and are subsequently actively involved in the practical implementation if it is deemed to be.

Destination Master Planning

Our team has many years of experience in destination development with a focus on real estate. We know the market very well and always have an eye on future developments. This is why we’re able support investors and destination developers throughout the entire project cycle. We can do this, for example, by creating a hotel property and destination master plan.

Revenue, Distribution & E-Commerce

How can revenue and GOP be maximized? Which systems and distribution channels are needed for this? And how are software solutions implemented smoothly? We provide answers tailored to your requirements. This means that, amongst other things, we analyse distribution strategies, pricing strategies and direct and indirect competitors for our clients.

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