Hotel Asset Management (Performance Management)

Acting as a link between owner and operator, we help further increase the value of a hotel property. Together with hotel management, we discuss the strategic direction, the budget and the proper fulfilment of contracts. Our expertise helps minimize risks and increase profitability.

Owner representation

A hotel property is a complex and multifaceted matter. This means that as an owner, you’re likely not to know everything. This is why we’ll help you understand all of the complexities, whether it be legal aspects, fire protection, or anything else. mrp hotels represents the owner in discussions with the hotel operator and other stakeholders. mrp hotels currently manages hotel properties valued at around one billion euros.

Asset Management

We examine the operator’s performance, identify possibilities of how to improve the earnings and cost situation, examine which costs are incurred at which points and whether they are reasonable. We look at how the business mix is composed and with which marketing activities it can be implemented. We also analyse the quality of the offer. Thus, mrp hotels is able to give the owner the assurance that the hotel operator is performing correctly compared to the market.

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