Hotel Construction & Development Support

You don’t just build a new hotel as a side project. Modernizations, renovations or conversions require a lot of attention and time that not everyone has. This is where we’re happy to support you. From planning to implementation, we’re happy to analyse and optimize existing plans.

CapEx Planning

In the process of CapEx planning, we determine whether and which investments are required for a property for it to maintain a modern standard.

Technical Service

As part of our technical service we ensure that the hotel property meets the operator’s requirements, and that the architect or owner’s planning is designed in such a way that the subsequent operator can work well with it as a basis and that the planning requirements are in line with market requirements.

Client Representation

As the client’s representative, mrp hotels answers all hotel-specific questions, keeps an eye on costs, quality and timelines, and coordinates between operators and investors. This ensures that the hotel project is in the best of hands at all times.

FF&E and OSE Analysis

Whilst conducting the FF&E and OSE analysis, we look at Furniture, Fixture & Equipment and Operating Supplies & Equipment. We determine what makes sense, what is overpriced or not suitable for hotel practice, all whilst ensuring transparency and clarity.

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