Trust remains the foundation in the tourism industry

What concerns a person responsible for tourism marketing in North America and Australia for the country of Austria in the midst of a pandemic where travel from the States is all but banned? What is the current situation in the United States, what can we in Europe take away from this country and what will travel look like in the future? Listen in to our latest podcast.

Flexibility as the “key” to success

Felicity Black-Roberts talks about the current development of tourism markets, as well as Hyatt’s expansion in Europe and the DACH region, and what opportunities the pandemic has created for Hyatt. Flexibility will be key for hotels at the end of the pandemic and good hotel products will be able to recover quickly. An exciting and positive interview in the midst of tourism’s nascent recovery.

Boom in demand in the vacation hotel industry

Olaf Steinhage, Partner at mrp hotels in an interview with Jens Sroka, Managing Partner at Heimathafen Hotels about the current summer season, pick-up figures and Corona’s influences on the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

New concepts and investor models in Corona times

Alexander Doerr, CEO of Vela Hotel AG, talks to mrp hotels about the Vela Hotels business model, the increased demand from prospective flat buyers and the future development and pipeline of the brand.

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