Part 2 of the exclusive series: Employee shortage in the hotel industry

More flexible structures and promotion of young talent for the hotel industry

Denise Smelter, Director of Human Resources at LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels, in an exclusive exchange with Lea-Sophie Zwoch, Consultant at mrp hotels on the topic of staff shortages in the hotel industry and the resulting challenges and possible solutions.

The Covid 19 pandemic caused major changes, especially in the hotel industry, including LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels. Among other things, the relationship between employees and their superiors was affected. Due to the special circumstances, a very intensive relationship and a strong bond developed between employees and supervisors.

The biggest challenge since the beginning of the pandemic, after a long standstill, was the rapid opening of the hotels and the resumption of normal operations, while at the same time taking into account all measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus. These measures made the transition difficult for both staff and supervisors.

Born out of this change and the given exceptional situation, there is a need for change in the industry, which arises from a healthy interplay between the initiative of the management levels and the demands of the employees. The LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels try to show initiative and actively respond to these needs. LOISUM Wine & Spa Hotels implement various measures as an employer in order to meet the new needs of the employees. The hotel group has learned from the last few months that flexible and mobile work is possible and has strengthened the basis of trust with the employees at the same time. For Denise Smelter and the hotel group, it is important to take a closer look at the situation and the needs of the employees. The LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels react with more freedom, more flexible structures and a newly developed understanding of each other. Among other things, employees should be given the opportunity to actively shape their workplace.

Ms Smelter describes the hospitality industry as a very grateful and inspiring sector. She is enthusiastic about the diversity of professions, educational and cultural levels as well as the respectful cooperation. Furthermore, she describes LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotels and herself as a provider of opportunities who wants to write their history together with the employees.

Despite steps in the right direction, further developments must also take place in the future to motivate new employees for the industry. The hotel industry has been very classically shaped with very clear paths and structures for many years. Now, however, it needs a holistic new way of thinking. The industry needs new energies – new people who want to make a difference and shape the industry in a more modern way. The focus here should also be on promoting young talent. Young people and apprentices must be inspired and introduced to the industry. In the course of this, existing structures must be made more contemporary and adapted to the current social structures.


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