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Insights into the current situation of the tourism industry

“The last 15 months have unfortunately shown that the cellar is a very deep one, especially in Europe,” explains Martin Schaffer, partner at mrp hotels in his guest contribution to The Property Post. However, first signs of recovery are in sight due to the easing measures that have been adopted and booking figures are rising rapidly.

The Fixed Lease Agreement – There’s life in the old dog yet? – A guest article by Martin Schaffer at elevatr

Martin Schaffer, partner at mrp hotels, talks about the future of the lease, whether hotel operators can reduce the fixed lease risk in the future and about the interests of investors in his guest article at elevatr.

One thing to anticipate: Holiday hotel properties are in high demand, especially among institutional investors.

The latest trends in food & beverage

mrp hotels has summarised the latest trends in the food & beverage sector, some of which have been accelerated by Corona. The current topics under the keywords: The New Normal, Veganism on the rise, the vending machine, the hotel-(web)shop, food waste and e-food.

Holiday hotels in the DACH region are experiencing a real boom since the Corona-related travel restrictions.

Holiday hotels in the DACH region are experiencing a real boom since the Corona-related travel restrictions. Will this trend establish itself on the market in the long term or is it just a side effect of the pandemic?

In her podcast with elevatr, Lea-Sophie Zwoch, Consultant at mrp hotels, talks about the future potential of the German holiday hotel industry.

The end of business travel?

The second part of the interview series with Monika Rosen, Chief Analyst at Unicredit Bank Austria Premium Banking about the reaction of the financial markets to COVID-19 and the development of tourism stocks.

Uncertainties of the delta variant depress the economy

Monika Rosen-Philipp, Chief Analyst of UniCredit Bank Austria Premium Banking and stock market expert of the Austrian American Society, in the second part of the three-part exclusive series with mrp hotels focusing on the interest rate or inflation situation.
The inflation is up-to-date one of the dominating topics at the markets due to the current fast development.
Further uncertainties regarding the Delta variant and assumptions about Corona measures picking up again suggest lower growth.

Luxury makes a comeback in tourism

Monika Rosen in a new three-part exclusive series with mrp hotels. In the first part, the focus is on general market trends, especially consumption.
Luxury is making a comeback in tourism: the high-income strata have now had no opportunity to spend money for over a year – more facts and figures in the video.

COVID-19 Influence on human resources – 5 fields of action

Excellent employer branding as well as human resource management is more important than ever before. In addition to the shortage of skilled workers in tourism, the industry is now struggling with the migration of employees to other industries. The long closure periods, as well as other factors, are pushing for new approaches.

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